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Ear Monitors® Replacement Cables
Available in:

50" Silver, Black, Beige
64" Silver, Black

3.5mm (M) to 3.5mm (F)
10' Extenion Cable (Ten ft.)

3.5mm Male to 3.5mm Female
Stereo extension cable for earphones

For use with:
-Future Sonics Atrio® m5
-Future Sonics FS1®
-Future Sonics Ears® (model EM3®)

10 pack Replacement Foam Sleeves (Avail. in Small & Large / Black or Beige)

EarFills™ Silicone Sleeves
For use with :
-Future Sonics Atrio® m5
-Future Sonics FS1®
-Future Sonics Ears (model EM3)

6 pack Replacement Silicone Sleeves (Avail. in Small, Medium & Large)

Standard LFV- 4
(Adjustable Frequency Vents)

For use with:
mg6pro™ EAR MONITORS® brand only
(not for use with other models)

Available in: (Clear Only)


Ear Monitors Replacement Pelican 1020 Micro Case
FS Replacement Zipper Case
Universal Leather Pouch

Comply Custom Wraps

Comply "Custom Wraps" 10 strips per package.
Adhesive backed foam wraps around canal tip to help form a firmer seal for:
- Temporary fit adjustment
Heavy Sweaters

MISC. Cleaning Supplies

Loop Cleaning Tools
(1oz) Bottles of Cleaning Solution
(4oz) Bottles of Cleaning Solution

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