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1. What are Ear Monitors®?
mg5pro™ 10mm & mg6pro™ 13mm Ear Monitors® Brand Professional Custom Earphones feature Proprietary miniature dynamic transducer technology, designed and manufactured by Future Sonics. The Original Ear Monitors® Brand are custom fitted professional earphones designed to provide the best sonic performance available & operate at safer audio levels than other conventional monitoring systems. Ear Monitors® Brand form a secure and comfortable acoustical seal, perfectly conforming to the natural configurations of each individuals ears. The high fidelity audio quality allows performers to hear themselves with exceptional clarity & studio-quality sound. Ear Monitors® Brand TrueTimbre™ audio quality, performance, reliability and workmanship will out perform any similar type custom fit personal monitoring product.

2. How do I start the process of ordering Custom Ear Monitors®?
To place your order, simply download our required Custom Product Order Form and visit your local audiologist/hearing specialist for impressions. Once you have your Ear Impressions, please send them to FSI @ the address listed below:

Future Sonics Inc.
416 Green Lane, Suite #2
Bristol, PA 19007
Attn: Ear Impressions

3. How long does it take to make Ear Monitors®?
* Our current turnaround time is 38 Business Days (as of 3/1/2013). Our average turnaround time is 8-10 business days once we have received your impressions.  A Rush Service (3-4 days) is typically available for an additional $100.00/set

4. What do ear impressions cost?
These costs vary by provider and may range in price from $25 - $100 USD for both ears. This does not include the cost of shipping.

5. How do I ship the ear impressions?
Have your ear impressions shipped in a secure box to our labs at:

Future Sonics Inc.
416 Green Lane, Suite #2
Bristol, PA 19007
Attn: Ear Impressions

6. I’m not sure if my Ear Monitors® or custom sleeves fit properly?
There are several ways to check this, but the fit should feel snug, not tight, and you will notice that most ambient sounds will be dramatically reduced. Listen for the deep bass response as well. While not returnable, our custom-made products offer a 30-day fit guarantee.

7. What is a Driver?
The driver is an electromechanical transducer that converts electrical signals into sound.

8. What kind of Driver do you use in your Ear Monitors®?
Future Sonics uses their own manufactured Miniature Full Range Dynamic Drivers, the mg5pro™ 10mm & mg6pro™ 13mm...

9. What is an Audiologist & Where can I find an office in my area?
The audiologist is a non-medical hearing specialist responsible for the evaluation, testing and treatment of hearing and balance related issues that can include measurement of hearing, ear cleaning, hearing aids, and identification of specific auditory issues. Your local provider can take ear impressions for our custom products by gently inserting a foam “ear dam” with a retaining tether into the ear canal, then filling your canal and outer ear with impression material. Our specifically recommended method is on our order form and the entire process may take approx. 15 – 30 minutes. If you feel concerns or have any questions about your hearing specialist, we recommend a bit of research online or just contact our offices.

You can visit our Audiologist Directory online or contact your local hearing specialist from the yellow pages. Instructions for specifics we request for the impressions are included on our Product Order Form (FS-CUSTOM-ORDER-FORM.pdf).  Please be sure to take the Product Order Form with you when you see the Specialist to ensure a warranted FSI product.

10. What is the difference between the Atrio® models m3, m5, m8 & m9?
The only difference between the Atrio® models is the color.

11. I have an old pair of Future Sonics EM3’s & they broke. What can I do?
FS extends a special offer to existing Future Sonics EM3 Clients.  Please contact FS for details... 215-826-8826.

12. Are Ear Monitors® better than Stage Monitors, if so, why?
First, for sound quality there is no equal since you essentially eliminate the possibility for feedback, help reduce competitive stage volume, and phase drop-outs while adding precision, dynamics and control to the performance. Plus, you reduce space requirements, power requirements and shipping weights. This helps maintain endurance, better performances and, with proper use, may reduce vocal and hearing fatigue. Finally, this quality of sound for the performers can allow much better control for the front-of-house engineer offering a better sound quality to the audience in a live music venue of nearly any size.

13. If I’m the only one in my band that wishes to use Ear Monitors®. Will that cause a problem?
It is a common use and there are ways to make this work. As with any traditional monitor setup, since you can simply send the mix to the personal monitors instead of to wedges or side-fills.

14. My Ear Monitors® are a few years old do you offer any type of Upgrade Service?
Absolutely. See our UPGRADE SERVICE Page.

15. What is the little rubber thing on the top of the Ear Monitor® for?
The round rubber "Ports" or “Vents” (also called LFV's) are used for adjusting the Frequency Response in either direction by a couple dB. 

16. Do I need any other equipment to work my Ear Monitors® or Atrio Series™ earphones?
They will work with nearly everything that has a Headphone Output. However, you may need an additional Wireless System if using the Ear Monitors® in a live stage atmosphere.

17. Will Future Sonics products work with my iPod®, Zune®, laptop computer or other digital media players?
Yes. Anything that accepts a 3.5mm Stereo Jack / Mini Stereo Jack

18. What is the Future Sonics Warranty on custom products?
Please see our Warranty Page.

19. Can Future Sonics ship overseas?
Yes, however, International shipments must ship via Air due to carrier regulations.  Import duties, taxes & fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.  

20. What are the specifications on your professional earphones?
Future Sonics does show earphone specs & feat. online and in our product materials. However, charts & specs are very subjective and usually do not represent the actual audio curve once in the ear. Our experience tells us that listening is the best analysis for most people. 

21. Will I be able to hear ambient noise?
Yes, however, depending on the product and fit, there is both some ambient sound and some “conductive” hearing that occurs naturally through your body. Future Sonics does not mask sound or add psycho-acoustic effects to disguise your listening environment.

22. What colors are available for Ear Monitors® brand personal monitors?
Standard colors include Beige, Brown, Black, White, Clear, Smoke, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple & Yellow.

23. What can I do to prevent hearing loss?
FSI suggests the use of proper hearing protection in both loud environments and for prolonged exposure to ambient noise. Additionally, Future Sonics recommends routine hearing health evaluations from a licensed and certified hearing specialist. For more information, visit H.E.A.R.® at

24. How often do I need to get new impressions?
We recommend new impressions every 18 – 24 months or less depending on the fit, comfort and performance of the current custom-fit product.

25. I am feeling discomfort in my ear canal is that normal?
No. When in doubt, check it out and visit your local hearing specialist or contact your physician immediately.

26. What is the difference between your custom Ear Monitors® & your Universal Earphones?
mg5pro™ 10mm & mg6pro™ 13mm Ear Monitors® Brand Custom Fit Professional Earphones offer:
- FS Proprietary Miniature Dynamic Transducer Technology
- Full Shell Custom Fit, made from your Ear Impressions
- Removable Cable
- 100% Serviceable (As long as you don't run them over w/ a car)
- 1 Year Limited Manufactures Warranty

Atrios® Universal Fit Professional Earphones offer:
- 10mm Future Sonics MG7™ 10mm Driver Technology
- Non-Removable Cable
- 30 day return policy
- 1 Year Limited Manufactures Warranty
- Upgrade your Universal Spectrum Series™ monitors to a Custom Fit w/ our Softerwear™ Custom Fit Sleeves

27. Is there anyway I can add custom fit to my Spectrum Series™ earphones?
Yes, we do offer our SofterWear™ custom-fit silicone sleeves for our universal fit earphones.
*Ear Impressions are required for Softerwear Sleeves.

28. Do you sell Hearing Protection?
Yes, we offer custom-fit hearing protection. Visit our Custom Earplugs page.
* Ear Impressions are required for Custom Fit Hearing Protection.

29. What's different between the EM3, Atrio® Series and Spectrum Series monitors?
Spectrum Series™ have our latest proprietary FS Dynamic Voice Coil Driver Technologies
Spectrum Series™ have the Updated FS braided Cabling (even less Microphonics)
Spectrum Series™ come w/ our new, improved Fitting Options
Spectrum Series™ have a newer ergonomic design and thumb placement guides.

30. How do I send in an item for repair?
Please send all repairs to:

Future Sonics Inc.
416 Green Lane, Suite #2
Bristol, PA 19007
Attn: Service Department

If you need to send in Ear Monitors® for service please be sure to include in your package the following:
Name, Phone Number, Email address & Reason for Services needed.

Future Sonics does not service their Universal Earphone Lines, please call for replacement info... 215-826-8826

31. Why can't I hear the bass?
Fit is essential to the successful use of our products. Most often, if you are missing the bass, you do not have the proper seal. With our Universal Earphones be sure to try each of the fitting options included and be certain that they are seated well inside your ear for a proper fit.

With our custom products we guarantee fit for 30 days from the date of purchase. We’d also suggest connecting to other devices and audio sources to be certain that it is not a problem with the audio source. If the problem persists please contact FSI.

32. Why don't you offer dual, triple & quadruple drivers? Why a Single driver?
dual, triple & quadruple drivers...ahhhhhh marketing hype, gotta love it...
Future Sonics designs and manufactures their own proprietary MG miniature dynamic driver line used in all FS products. Why do it Two way, Three way or Four way when you can have it One way... the best way.

33. Can this work in both mono/stereo?
Yes, we recommend stereo whenever possible. We realize that this is not always possible so, if you must use mono, try to keep your mix simple with just your essentials so that similar frequencies do not cancel each other out.

34. Why do some performers wear personal monitors in only one ear? Is this ok?
Not Sure, however, Future Sonics recommends the use of both earphones on stage to significantly help decrease the risks for hearing damage and/or loss.

35. Can this work in clubs mixing monitors from FOH?

36. Ambient mics on stage - to fly or not to fly?
Ambient mics are not always necessary for the use of Ear Monitors.  A stereo mix with good instrument placement, along with the proper effects will create a sound image that will enhance your monitoring experience.

37. Will they work with iPhone?
Not directly, however with an adapter, Future Sonics professional personal monitors will work very well with Apple’s 1st Gen. iPhone® or iTouch®.

38. Do your products have noise cancellation?
No, they are however Ambient Noise Rejecting.

39. How do I clean your products?
Future Sonics professional personal monitors include a cleaning loop tool that can be used to clear any wax or debris from the nozzle. In addition, gently wiping the earphones with a non-alcohol based hygienic cleaning product will keep wax from building up.

40. How long do ComfortFit™ foam sleeves last?
Depending on frequency of use, pH of your skin, perspiration, climate and other factors, the life-span of a pair of foam sleeves may be different for everyone. A good measure is to go by what your ears tell you. If you don’t feel that fit well enough or if the sound begins to get “thin,” it is probably time to change your foam sleeves.

41. Will my EM3 custom sleeves fit the Atrio Series OR Spectrum Series products?
No, we do not recommend it since the dimensions are different. The new SofterWear™ sleeves are a different material, process & sizing. In fact, the new type of silicon is very durable, clear and very comfortabl


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